Above are few examples of some our past multifamily residential projects

Habitat Architecture has years of experience in development and design of attached and detached multifamily residential projects of varying types and scales throughout the Twin Cities metropolitan areas.  Helping developers and owners identify the best solutions for their projects  and create products that respond with creative, thoughtful design sensitive to the market needs, is the heart of our philosophy and approach to multi-unit residential projects. We also provide complete architectural services for other forms of multi-unit projects such as Hotels, Motels, Dorms, and Senior Living/housing.

We are a full service licensed architects, with multifamily residential design as of one our main areas of specialties. Whether planning a townhouse project or apartment and condominium  buildings, Habitat Architecture has the experience and expertise to help direct the clients to most rewarding and successful projects. We recommend and believe the highest level of success is reached when the collaboration between the developer and architect starts early on during the inception stages of the project. In most cases initial feasibility study or Needs & Options Review is highly recommended. Working closely with our consulting engineers, and considering codes and zoning rules, we are directly involved with the land planning and site design. Years of experience in the market and expertise in the latest construction material and techniques, gives us the ability to be extremely successful in product design, research, and development of multifamily residential projects.

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